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STREUfex  Bedding
We are pleased to be able to offer STREUfex pelletized straw bedding. STREUfex is a low dust, highly absorbable, cushiony bedding. The pellets do not have to be soaked in water, they breakdown under the weight of the horses creating a very soft bedding. STREUfex’s high absorbency makes it easier to remove the wet spots (like clumping kitty litter) to reduce the ammonia level in the barn. STREUfex has a very pleasant aroma. The horses do not eat the pellets, if they play with the pellets; they quickly spit the pellets out, as the pellets are not tasty. STREUfex is also a very environmentally friendly product since it is made from straw, which is a very renewable source that may be harvested several times a year unlike pine, which takes years to grow a tree. Through our own personal use of STREUfex, we have noticed that it takes fewer wheelbarrow loads to clean and the manure pile is smaller. It decomposes very well and did wonders for our garden this spring. Join the many owners who are switching to this new bedding and enjoy the benefits. Conveniently packaged in 30-pound bags.



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Feeding Tips...

As with any feeding program, we strongly encourage you to feed your horses by weight not volume. To maximize the benefits of feeds, use a scale and weigh the proper amount out. Find a feed scoop or cup and know what that dispensing item holds. Remember that pelleted and textured feeds do not weigh the same and vary even amongst themselves. To better manage your feeding program, get an idea what your hay weighs, it will make adjustments easier to monitor. There are big differences in pat sizes and weights. By knowing what you are actually feeding, you have better control over what your horses eat, and this will result in providing a proper diet for your horse and probably savings for you.

Enjoy one of God’s best creations – THE HORSE!

Horse Laundry Service

We strive to care for your horse laundry as if it was our own.

At this time, we are unable to offer repair service.

Laundry service is performed in a front load machine, no agitator to harm items.

All items will be prewashed with a nondetergent antimicrobial product.

We use Nikwax Rug Wash and Rug Proof on all Turnout Blankets.

Nondetergent antimicrobial products will be used on all other items.

All items will be thoroughly rinsed and will be air-dried.

We are not responsible for shrinkage.

We will take the best care of your items, but we are not responsible for any damage that occurs do the quality of your item. Please remember that fabrics do get more fragile as they get older.


Turnout Blankets - $30.00 (prewash, wash, and water reproof)

Stable Blankets – $20.00
Stable Blanket and Hood - $25.00

Sheets/ Fleece Coolers - $10.00
Sheet and Hood - $12.00

Polo Wraps – $5.00 (set of 4)

English Saddle Pads – $8.00

[If blankets are extremely dirty and require extra washings to clean an additional charge will apply - the prewash and regular wash do an extraordinary job of cleaning normal use blankets]