Meet The Family...

Boundary Waters Farm is located in Henderson, NC just a short distance from the Virginia border. We located here in 1986 from Ogilvie, MN and in doing so we named our farm here from a very beautiful location in our old home state. Our foundation mares were moved along with us and we started on a breeding program trying to emphasize the foundation bloodlines of good working horses from days gone by.

We try to strive for excellent disposition, superb conformation that will hold up to rigorous workouts, and sane minds. Color is also very important to us as we started breeding in 1967, the days of the “pink papers” which are unfamiliar today. In those days only colored horses were allowed in the show ring.

Our bloodlines are that of foundation horses and many Grand Champions, AAAT and National and World Champions.

Our family is Ben and Cindy Graham with two daughters Victoria Marie and Jennifer Lynn. We originally started in Quakertown, PA and then moved to a farming community in Minnesota in 1970. We spent many years raising good using Appaloosa horses. The girls were very actively involved in 4-H and FFA, just as we were when we were growing up in PA. Victoria always knew what she wanted to be, a veterinarian. She spent all her time in the barn with her dairy and beef cattle projects, goats and horses. Jennifer was showing dairy cattle too, along with a pet lamb.

When we moved to North Carolina we upgraded our breeding program and Jennifer began showing in youth classes. Her older sister, Victoria, spent a year in New Zealand and Australia on an FFA WEA working program. Vicky then entered NC State to start her education for veterinary medicine. She graduated in 1998 and specializes in large animals. When Jennifer graduated from school she attended the Eastern School of Farriery in Martinsville, VA and now shoes horses full time.

Ben is very actively involved in all our activities. He is the fixer-upper, gopher, horse hauler, hay hauler, daughter mover, official member of the Manure Movers of America Local, and in general keeps everything flowing for us girls. Without him we all couldn’t keep up with our activities.

For a brief time in 2003 to 2005, my Dad, Peter N. Poth resided with us. He passed away on Good Friday, March 25, 2005. During the time he was here, he accompanied us to all our horse activities and enjoyed every minute of his adventures. He loved being with the horses and helping in the barn and with chores. His only wish was that he had become involved with the horses 50 years ago, realizing what he had missed in his lifetime, as to how much enjoyment the horses gave back to people.

And me, I’m the artist who you’ll meet later.

Thanks for visiting with us and Happy Trails to you!


And the rest of the story.....

Puppy Love Grooming

Puppy Love Grooming was started in 1986 by Cynthia Graham and her oldest daughter Victoria Graham, a high school student at the time. Grooming not only helped us with our own dogs, but gave us an additional income to support the family and the multitude of critters that we have rescued over the years.

Here at Puppy Love, our main goal is quality care for your pet. This is beneficial to both you and your dog. We feel that with a regular grooming schedule your pet’s needs are routinely cared for and any noticeable changes may be detected sooner. In addition, routine care keeps your pets healthy longer, thereby reducing trips to their doctor. We ask that you allow us to assist you and your veterinarian in providing your pet with the quality care he deserves.

Our routine visit consists of more than just a clip. Each time we see your pet we look for any changes that may have arose since their last visit. The following procedure is the same for everyone and we do not deviate from the routine. The excess hair in the ears is removed, followed by an ear cleaning solution to remove ear wax and dirt build up. The anal sacs are checked and expressed if needed. Hair is removed from between the pads of the feet and nails are trimmed. All pets receive a medicated non-detergent bath to soothe the skin and remove debris. Grooming or clipping is performed to the breed type and owners request.

Left to right- Victoria, Jennifer, Cindy, Ben and Coconut

2001 Stem Trail Ride-
Left to Right-
Cindy & Ruffin, Jennifer & Texas, Victoria & Spur, Ben & Moose

High School Junior Year Jennifer and Coconut with Discover Agriculture Day.

Victoria and Seattle Slew- 
Senior Specialty Equine Lameness Externship.

2004 Stem Trail Ride-
Left to Right
Jennifer & Texas, Cindy & Moose

 In Memoriam
My Dad, Peter N. Poth, in the short time that he lived with us, he became one of the family and came to love the horses as much as we do

The early years...
Jennifer and Victoria

Victoria with her Show Setters...
Ginger, Chauncey and Muffin

2006 Stem Trail Ride-
Left to Right
Cindy on Spur, Jennifer on Osage

2004 Stem Trail Ride-
My Dad's First