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October 2008 brought us a new adventure. We adopted three Miniatures. A mother and son and their companion donkey. The little man named Lucky was a Dwarf and noticeably crippled and deformed. He was renamed Dobby, and his mother Ladybug, and "uncle" Jingles came to live on the farm. Little did we know of the adventures that we were about to embark upon. The Mini world is totally different than the regular horse world and having a Dwarf is a daily challenge. Follow along with us and on Dobby's own page, to see how we learned a whole new aspect of horses.

The little group was temporarily housed in the main barn, however, as Jingles voiced his opinion on a regular basis, it became obvious that the permanent residents of the barn were not enthused with the new residents and noise levels. The only solution was to build a new facility for the trio. The "Little House" was created for three but then it became obvious that only two would be in residence. Dobby was having problems and needed constant monitoring.

Jingles, Ladybug and Dobby October 2008

Ladybug October 2008

Jingles October 2008

The "Little House" Winter 2010