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Information on the purchase of any books will be found on the Snowy Owl Publishing site.  Please visit me there. Watch for the "A Tuxedo Cat Book" logo  on all my books.
Welcome to my Author page. This will be a totally new experience for everyone, including me. I am working on a career change and good things are coming soon. My first book, NEVER! Pay A Groomer Again, is in the process of being written and I plan several more titles to follow. Updates will be posted as soon as I know if the e-book will come out before the print book.

Plans are to make a comment section on this page and to inform the readers of new books in the works.

So take and wish me luck and you can reach me through this website to send an email.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

Cynthia Graham

A new title is in the works. Farmer John has been waiting for his blueberry crop to ripen and be ready to sell at the market, but the blueberries are disappearing everyday. Can you help Farmer John find his blueberries?

This new book is written for ages 3-7 complete with colorful, follow along illustrations that support the text on the opposite page. A read to or beginning reader, this book will have them turning the page to see more.

"The Mystery of the Vanishing Blueberries", will be coming out in e-book format in the near future.