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Cindy and Ice E Te

Born in Philadelphia, Pa., as a small child my love has always been horses. The early years were found to be very trying to my family as I spent my childhood playing cowboys and Indians and galloping across the great outdoors on an imaginary horse. Always the art lover of anything with animals, landscapes or nature, I desperately wished that I could paint. I had dreamed many times that I would become a recognized artist, with my paintings seen hanging in public places and homes.

After graduating from college with a two year Associate Degree in Business Administration, I began to make my dream become a reality. In 1987 I enrolled in art, the first of many continuing education classes at our community college. Since then I have enjoyed workshops, competing in art and photography shows with numerous awards and exhibiting in craft shows.

Riding horses since the age of eleven, I have always had a keen interest in producing equine art in different forms and mediums.

Having developed a "Country Nostalgia" theme, my work centers on remembering times gone by, wildlife, domestic animals and endangered species. My studio has also expanded into photography, portraits of animals, handmade greeting cards, painted crafts, acrylic animal portraits and prints of fine art. I am presently using my creative and artistic talents to design web sites specializing in the equine field.

The interests and ideas keep coming, the pleasure and joy in painting and working for others keeps it exciting.

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Framed Photography, Unique Animal and Nature Greeting Cards, painted Christmas ornaments and crafts, will be available for purchase in my online store
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